Can I use an access point to connect to a hotspot?

There is a neighborhood hotspot that I can connect to from outside of
my house (on the balcony) with my laptop internal wireless card, but
the signal is too poor to connect from my desktop computer. I have an
old Aironet access point (model AP4800-e), and I was wondering if I
could use that along with my Belkin Router (model F5D230-4) to
distribute the signal in my house. Right now I am just using the
access point to extend the range of my internal wireless network. I
would like to know if I can use my current equipment to get the job
done, or if I would be better off with newer equipment.
Router IP:
Access Point IP:
If this is possible, would need some help with the IP address
settings, and other random help. Thanks in advance. If there is any
information I left out, or if additional info is needed, I lurk on the
message board every day.
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If the AP can function as a "wireless client", then sure that would work just fine.
The AP becomes just a wireless-ethernet bridge. My DLinks AP's all have this mode.
Google to see if your Aironet AP does. Or, just simply try it.. If it does, then just plug your Beklin router straight into it.
The AP "bridge" would get it's DHCP IP from the "neighborhood hotspot" . The router will get it's WAN IP's from the "neighborhood hotspot" through the AP. Other than that, its just a pipe. You can use whatever range of IP's you want on your private side..
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You can leave the AP with the default ip-address. You will only need the ip-address to connect to the AP's webserver to configure it.
I leave my DWL-G700AP that way and it passes ip-addresse to any associated client from the DHCP server on my router.
Actually that's a tunnel. And would be a better setup, leaving more ip-addresses for other users at the neighbourhood hotspot.
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Axel Hammerschmidt
Thanks for the help. It is a free hotspot provided by the City of West Sacramento. . I will give it a shot.
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sure that would work
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