Any way to use a netgear wireless router as an wireless internet adapter?

I live in an apartment complex that has a secure wireless internet
connection, but no wired connections. I'm currently connecting to it
using a TI wireless adapter, but it doesn't work nearly as well as my
girlfriend's laptop's adapter, which is sitting 5 feet away. I have a
netgear wireless router, and was wondering if there is any way to have
the router pick up the network wirelessly and rout it to my computer by
ethernet, to see if it gets better reception.
Anyone know?
Also, I don't have the drivers or manual for the router.
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Jordan Wolf
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"Jordan Wolf" hath wroth:
Do you perhaps have the model number of the Netgear wireless router?
It probably cannot be done unless your unspecified Netgear router has what's called a "client mode". Check the specs on the Netgear web site after you find the model number.
It might be possible to attach an external antenna or reflector to your unspecified TI model wireless client adapter. See if:
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you any ideas.
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Jeff Liebermann
Thanks for the information
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