Best way to connect external router to OnQ

I have a house that came preinstalled with a an OnQ 1x6 Basic telecom
module (parth1267062-01) connected to a 6 port expansion module
(1267062-01). All the jacks throughout the house are connected to
either one. Soon I will be getting cable internet and I would like to
connect an external router to some of the jacks in the rooms. All
connections use standard cat5 cable from the OnQ to the jacks. I tried
using a tone generator to isolate the unlabled cables and where they
ran, but since all the cables are connected together, it was difficult
for me to do. Is there a simple way to do this? I am thinking, I need
to pull out the cables for the rooms that I need internet and connect
them to the router.
I am new to this but I know computers and networking pretty well.
Thank you for your time and help.
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If it was done correctly all you need to do is patch every port from the router to every port on the expansion module and patch the cable modem to the router and you should be good to go.
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Thank you for your reply. The cables in the expansion module are all connected together now, since the expansion module seems to take one line in 6 out. I need to disconnect the cables that have to go to the router so they do not connect to the cables that will remain used for voice... right?
Here is a photo of what I have right now..
formatting link
Thank you for your help.
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