Internet connects OK, can't share print/files


Trying to set up print/file share on home network and having no luck. Linksys wireless-G router connects all to DSL and internet just fine, but none of the computers can "see" each other. One desktop is wired to router, second desktop is wireless, and laptop is wireless. All running Windows XP home SP2. All drivers updated. Norton AV installed on all 3. Printer is connected to wired desktop. Desired share files on all computers. Also wired 2 XBOX systems that connect Live just fine. I must be missing something in PC setups/configurations, just don't know where or how to find. Have stepped thru setup (wireless and network) several times, made sure all belong to same workgroup, all have same services installed, even turned off Norton AV and firewalls completely and still no luck. Call to Linksys support says is in Windows settings, MicroSoft tech says call router manufacturer.... Any help much appreciated.

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Some times the machines can't see each other, particularly if it's wire and wireless machines involved. The first thing you should do is see if you can get the machines to see each other on all wire connections, before proceeding to wireless.

If they can't see each other on all wire, then they are not going to see each other wire to wireless.

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