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Hi gang,

I've beeen using Verizon DSL for a couple years now and have had no probs at all. I am interested in sending files from my work computer to my home computer. Initially, i installed a copy of Guildftp for the ftp server and tried:

# ftp

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If your files are a reasonable size (< 10MB, as that is your limit), do what I do- email them to yourself from work, and pick them up at home.

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What connects your home PC to Verizon (is PPPoE on your PC or is it behind a NAT router)? Maybe that is blocking ping. Maybe that is blocking or not forwarding port 21 to your home PC.

Is your work PC behind a NAT router, or does it use a proxy?

There may be a problem connecting ftp-data port 20 for ACTIVE mode or other random ports used for PASSIVE mode. But I forget which way those ports need to be open.

I know I had trouble just trying to use an ftp client behind a broadband router in ACTIVE or PASSIVE mode unless I set that PC as DMZ in router. But I now use Linux as pppoe/firewall/router which with proper settings can properly handle ftp.

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David Efflandt

Provided that your provider allows this, the ports for ftp have to be visible on the internet, and forwarded through any NAT and software firewall you have on your system.

It may be easier to use a file storage service or email. I use Yahoo Briefcase and like it.

Gary E

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