Home WLAN how to Share files.....HELP !!!

Hello everybody !! This is my first post. I have recently setup my first WIFI-WIRED LAN. It works great sharing the internet connection line.

At the moment I'm trying to share files and printers too. I tried everything but no success at all.

See the diagram for the configuration.

Can you help me please.

Thank you in advance.


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If you're using windows 2K, XP or Vista:

enable file/printer sharing on each PC.

ensure the firewalls on each PC are configured to allow microsoft file/printer sharing through (ports 135,137,139,445)

set up IDENTICAL user IDs on each PC, with the same passwords.

The PCs should now be able to browse each other - though you don't have any shared areas set up yet.

Set up shares on each PC with appropriate permissions for the user IDs you set up above

Make sure the Folder the share points to has appropriate security - ie the users have to have at least READ access to the folder).

That's it. DO NOT permission the "everyone" group for anything.

If you're using Linux or MacOS its much much simpler but then you wouldn't need help if you had those OSen... :-)

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Mark McIntyre

On Tue, 12 Feb 2008 20:18:26 +0000, Mark McIntyre wrote in :

File and Printer Sharing resources:

Good so far.

Only if you really want to expose (risk) the entire machine. The safe thing is to just use the Shared Documents folder (share name of "SharedDocs").


YMMV. Just the opposite in my experience.

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John Navas

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