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Dear all, I've read a lot of the responses on this newsgroup on sharing the Internet connection between 2 PCs but still did not find the answer to my case.

I have a PC with NIC card connected to the Internet (ADSL) through a 1 port router. I bought a 2nd PC and it has a NIC card too, and I want each PC to be able to connect to the Internet even if the other PC is switched off.

Since my router has 1 port only, then I can't hook my 2nd PC to it. So what is the best solution to be able to share the Internet connection among these 2 PCs? Also I'd like to be able that the 2 PCs can exchange hard disk files among each other. Many many thanks for the answers, Miori

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Do you have a router or just the DSL modem?

If you already have a router: Telco Line --> DSL modem ----> router --->"uplink port" on a 4 port hub/switch ---->connect each computer to a port (1 - 4) on the hub/switch....


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Go to you local; Circuit City, Office Max, Staples, etc., and obtain a 4 (or more) port

10/100 Mb/s hub or Ethernet switch. Then you would connect the multiport device to the LAN port of the Cable/DSL Router and each PC to one of the remaining ports. Simple!


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David H. Lipman

Thnx for the tips, and how can I share/copy files between the 2 PCs. Thnx again, Miori

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Set your machines to the same workgroup name. Read about workgroups & sharing in the windows help files. It will tell you what to do depending on which version of Windows you are using. Read the security stuff a few times until it makes sense. Read your router docs about security also... Follow the instructions there...

There are tons of free info on the internet about LAN (Local Area Network) security and Books-a-Million, etc. probably has many easy to understand books on LANs including security. I like the Dummy's and Idiot's guide books for some things. Easy to read and and comprehend...

Good luck. Learning this stuff can be fun. You'll pick up a good bit of worthwhile knowledge that can help you troubleshoot your own LAN when something happens which will. Knowing basically how it works can prevent $100+ service calls if you can fix it yourself.

Remember: If you have no security, EXPECT your LAN to have been compromised. If it hasn't, it will be...

There be gremlins out there. Ed

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snipped-for-privacy@yahoo.com (Miori) wrote in news: snipped-for-privacy@posting.google.com:

I don't know what the cost differences are for a new router vs a seperate hub/switch. You might want to consider replacing your 1 port router with a

4 port router. Plug the 2 PC's into the router and you're in business.
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Some One

Miori schrieb:

You are kidding. Thats called LAN, "Local Area Network" and is built into all newer PC's now using Ethernet connetion. :-)

That has nothing to do with ADSL. Just that ADSL in most cases locally is using a LAN to connect to the DSL Modem.

If you have a LAN with a switch oder switch with DSL-Router then it is no problem to use Internet connection and file sharing capabilities at the same time.

mfg wb

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