Wanting to share internet between two networks


I am looking for a low cost solution as I expanded business. This is a

low income business and I want the cheapest way out please. Also, I

have only little knowledge of networks.

I have a wireless network running in one office that has an internet

connection (WEP Key'ed) and about 8 PC's. It is using a LINKSYS router,

something like a W54G... ( These have been working great

all the time.

Now, I have setup another 4 PC's on the floor above me in another

suite. One of the PC's have a wireless card and it can read my wireless

network and get to internet. These PC's are really side by side and may

grow to more PC's. So, I have a wired router on this floor (8 port

switch on standby, not connected yet). This is on a different address,


PC's can see each other except the one with Wireless who can read other

PC's but other PC's cannot share files on this one PC with wireless.

Also, I tried Internet Connection Sharing and it is not working.

So 2 problems:

1 - Developers need to share the internet connection from the lower


2 - Need access to the PC with Wireless card. It says, do not have

permission. Tried disabling the firewall, etc but still no luck.

All PC's are running on XP Pro.

Please help and let me know what information u may need. I am very good

at following directions.

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OK... problem 2 is resolved after thorough reading. I read a post from

Kroog that we had to set the value in registry of

...\Lsa\restrictanonymous to 0. It was 1. This worked.

Other changes I have done is on my wired router, the default ip is

now: So, my network PC's are now and so on.

The wireless linksys router is and the wireless networked

PC's are and so on.

How do I share internet between the two? I do not want to share files

between two, only internet.

Any help is appreciated.

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I can think of one way. But I am not sure I am clear about the first problem.

What you could possibly do is, configure the PC with wireless connection of the top floor to share internet connection. Start-->control panel-->network (u know the drill). Then set it up as " want to share internet connection through this computer". Connect the ethernet cable to your wired router (turn of the routing feature so that is only acts as a switch) and connect other PCs to this router via ethernet. This should work I think for sharing internet with the floor below.

HTH Shashank

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