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Hi All, Firstly, I apologise for a) possibly repeating a topic that has been discussed before and, b) not being technically minded, so please be gentle with me.

I have a home desktop and laptop network at my house in Turkey. The house is built of concrete and therefore, the wireless signal gets weak around the house. I have a Draytek-Vigor 2800VG router and would like to improve my signal. Do you guys have any ideas? And please in a language even I would understand.


Ps. The laptop relies on its built in wireless card. The desktop is located right next to the router.

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One thing you could do is distribute Internet around your home by using power-line adapters instead of wireless adapters. These connect from your Internet modem (cable or DSL or ADSL) to an electrical-power outlet in your house and then in any other outlet in the house you simply plug in an adapter, the other end of which is RJ45 (ethernet) or USB to your PC. This would not give you the portability you are looking for, but it is one way to solve the problem without running lots of wires.

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If you have some signal, a simple reflector on the router might make things very good.

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EZ-12, printed on photo paper for thick stock, with aluminum foil glued to the sail, provides a substantial boost in signal.
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Make the tabs longer than the template drawing, for easier assembly.

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The other thing you could do is raise the router/antenna up higher to get better signal distribution.

As suggested by Clarence, the best effect is gained by making the antenna directional towards the area where the client (laptop) is going to be sited.

My antenna reflector design and basic signal information may also be of interest below.

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