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I've got a laptop with a few years on it. I have a linksys wireless card b/c the wireless is not built in. My reception in my house is ok but weak in some places. I even lose signal sometimes on my porch. I don't have a huge house, 2400 sq. feet so I'm trying to figure out why I lose signal sometimes within the house but my neighbors can pick up my signal, sometimes several houses away. I'm wondering if the card is the culprit? Do these things just not get great reception like the onboard internal receivers? Is there something I can do to change the reception? Thanks, Drew

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Neighbors may be getting your signal through windows whereas your laptop may have to go through walls (harder).


They typically don't, chiefly because the antenna isn't as good. For example, the internal wireless in my ThinkPad gets a good signal in places where my (good) Netgear WG511 card only gets a marginal signal.

  1. Eliminate any interference.

  1. Use a better antenna or reflector on your access point.

  2. Use a reflector with your existing PC card.

  1. Switch to a wireless adapter (PC card, USB adapter, or wireless client bridge) with a better antenna.

See links below for more information.

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