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I wonder if anyone out there maybe able to give me a little bit of advise on a subject.

My boss has a Draytek 2800g wireless router set up in an office at this house, but the signal is not so good if he chooses to work elsewhere in the house. He has asked me to set up a 2nd wireless router (again a Draytek 2800g) in another position so rectify this problem.

Is this a straight forward job?

What I was hoping for was his laptop to automatically pick up the strongest signal, and if he were to stand up with his laptop and move rooms, for the laptop to automatically switch routers?

Is this possible?

Thanks :)

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If he has any signal, a different antenna, or a reflector, on the one router might give good signal throughout the house.

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EZ-12. Any directional antenna would be good. A higher gain omni antenna than stock might be okay, but directional is usually better.

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