Netgear DG834G wireless problem

I'm having problems with my wireless router and I feel like throwing the thing out of the window!

When connected via Ethernet it runs like a dream. But when I try to connect any wireless device (1 Laptop and 1 PC) that's when the problem starts.

Firstly, I can connect to the router via wireless with a top signal strength as demonstrated in this picture...

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I can use browse the internet but only at speeds of upto 25-28kbp/s even though when connected via Ethernet it reaches it's maximum of 1mbp/s. After a while of using the wireless connection it will also disconnect itself and sometimes will not reappear unless I reboot the router or computer.

I have tried it on both my laptop (built in Atheros wi-fi device) and my desktop (linksys pci adapter)

I've updated the Firmware to 1.05.00 and no change.

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Any clues on what else I can try?

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Sorted it, changed the Channel from '11' to '1' and it's fine now!

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