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I have a Belkin F5D8231-4 v3000 router setup in my bedroom. In the next room over (12 feet at the most) through drywall I have a desktop using a Belkin F5D8001 v1000 wireless card. Last night I was screaming at full signal strength and have dropped to a low(2 bars) signal this afternoon. There is another access point in my apartment complex that I can pick up but it fluctuates along with my router signal strength.

I thought this would point to my desktop having issues but my Toshiba laptop is sitting more or less on top of my router and the best signal I have gotten is 3 bars. I don't have any phones at all hooked up and I double checked the list of possible interferences that may be causing this. I had a mini-fridge in the room but have moved it out in case that was causing a problem.

I have tried calling belkin but its like pulling teeth with them. I have tried changing channels but have seen no difference.

This is my first wireless setup as I have had access to a cable outlet for the past 7 years so I have never needed one. I have tried checking some other posts for ideas but they haven't applied to me or I have tried them already.

Please be gentle :(

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Josh L
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On Sun, 10 Jun 2007 15:38:16 -0400, Josh L wrote in :

OK. Interference is still the most likely cause of your grief. Don't put much stock in those signal strength readings. A directional antenna on the desktop might solve your problem.

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