DrayTek Will Release All VoIP/DSL/VPN Router Model in CeBIT-2005

Draytek Corp is about to present New Integrated VoIP SoHo and CO Broadband Access Solutions at CeBIT 2005

Sinchu, February 24, 2005 Draytek Corp, a worldwide famous leading DSL CPE device provider specializing in broadband access solutions, today unveils new members of its well-known remarkable Vigor family: Vigor

2800V Series, Vigor Pro20 Series, and Vigor Access Series.

Vigor 2800V Series include four models: Vigor 2800V, Vigor 2800Vi, Vigor 2800VG, and Vigor 2800VGi. As a VOIP IAD(Integrated Access Device) of the new generation, combination of several latest and popular technologies, ADSL2/2+, WLAN(802.11g), ISDN, VoIP(2 FXS ports, supporting SIP/MGCP protocols), QoS, VLAN, Firewall, USB Printer server and VPN(PPTP, L2TP, and IPSec, LAN-to-LAN and Remote access), allows up to 128 wireless stations to share hi-speed and secure Internet connections over new ADSL2/ADSL2+ and enables multiple novel applications such as Voice-over-WLAN and VPN-over-WLAN. In terms of Selectable Qos(Quality of Service), Vigor 2800V Series support four levels of priority, which ensure guaranteed bandwidth for specific data and services, such as VoIP or Videoconferencing. Speaking of its versatile firewall, in addition to Multi-NAT, port redirection, Dos/DDos(Denial of Service/Distributed Denial of Service) and IP spoofing attacks protection, the built-in SPI(Stateful Packet Inspection) firewall employs user-defined policies to filter all incoming/outgoing packets and blocks download of Java/ActiveX applet and certain file types by means of content filtering to secure the traffic and enhance network efficiency. With these strengths, Vigor

2800V Series constitute a powerful and economical CPE solution for SoHo and Small business users.

To keep up with the trends of current networking security device market, Draytek introduces its innovative UTM(Unified Threat Management) appliance, Vigor Pro20 Series, which consist of four models, Vigor Pro20V, Vigor Pro20Vi, Vigor Pro20VG, and Vigor Pro20VGi. Equipped with all merits of Vigor family, such as excellent compatibility with DSL/Cable connection types, VoIP(2 FXS ports, supporting SIP/MGCP protocols), ISDN, WLAN(802.11g), Selectable QoS(Four priority levels), VLAN, USB Printer server and VPN(PPTP, L2TP and IPSec, LAN-to-LAN and Remote Access), Vigor Pro20 further provides a robust hardware-based real-time network protection mechanism of SPI Firewall(Multi-NAT, Content Filtering, Deep Packet and Content Inspection), Anti-virus, IDP(Intrusion Detection Prevention) and WPA2(802.11i) to defend viruses, worms, malicious programs, spams and hacker attacks over wireless or wired network. All in all, this all-in-one gadget offers secure network communication while maintaining high throughput and low latency for various applications. Easy-to-use and multifunctionality makes it a superb integrated security solution for SoHo and Small business users when it comes to the high ratio of C/P(Cost/Performance).

As technologies advance rapidly, there are growing demands for more network bandwidth in the next generation network(NGN) structure. Taking advantage of the convenience and flexibility of IP network, plus state-of-the-art ADSL2/2+ technology, Draytek launches its first IP DSLAM product, Vigor Access Series, to meet the requirements of the current market. Vigor Access Series are composed of 2 models, Vigor AccessA24M and Vigor AccessA24S. They provide rich and various applications such as VoIP and mutimedia services in the current existing wired network, which comprises ADSL2/2+, PSTN and ATM, Frame Relay, while eliminating protocol transformation and thus ensuring high speed connectivity. In general, Vigor Access Series enjoy many unique features such as Excellent Scalability(Stackable), Single IP Management(EMS Management-VigorView), RA(Rate Adaptation), QoS and VLAN, which makes it a perfect CO(Central Office) broadband access alternative for Telco operators.

The above-mentioned products are going to be displayed in the seminar held at 1400 hours, March 12. Please visit Draytek at CeBIT 2005 in Hall

14, Stand G12, during March 10-16 in Hannover, Germany.

About Draytek

Draytek Technology Co. is a worldwide famous provider of Internet broadband access integrated solutions, ranging from USB ADSL modems , Wireless ADSL routers, VoIP ADSL routers, ADSL router with ISDN backup, USB-based VoIP Broadband Security Routers, ISDN routers, IP DSLAM, USB ISDN TAs, and so on. For more information, please visit the company's website at

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