In house better wireless signal.

Have got a laptop with built in wireless card, and a playstation 3 on the second floor of my house, at the moment got a cheap BT voyager 2110 wireless router downstairs and a bit of a way away. Need advice on getting a strong fast signal upstairs, help please!! What are my options, as no phone connection upstairs.:confused::confused:

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How do you have the antenna oriented. To get good vertical coverage you need to have the antenna horizontal. If there are two antennae then put one vertical and the other horizontal to get the best of both worlds.

The other possibility is to use a PowerLine ethernet adapter (or rather pair of adapters). Provided you are on the same electrical supply this will give you an easy way of getting the ethernet connection upstairs and then you could put in a second wireless adapter if you want or just wire into the upstairs PC.


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