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What do you mean that "None of my computers are networked together. They all use the Cable modem independently." Aren't they all connected (wirelessly or wired) through the router? Isn't the router the only device that's actually connected to the cable modem?

Your wireless hosts are finding the Netgear Access-Point because you haven't specified in the hosts to which network you prefer to connect. This is done by specifying the SSID of your network. It's a very good idea to change the SSID of the network in the router from the default to some name that's more likely to be unique in your neighborhood.

How you specify in the hosts which SSID to connect to depends on the Operating System(s) used in the hosts. You didn't say which OS(s) you're using. In Windows XP you put the desired SSID on the Preferred Networks list.

Ron Bandes, CCNP, CTT+, etc.

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Ron Bandes
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Until tonight, my system has worked fine. I have a Belkin 54G wired/wireless router connected to a Toshiba Cable modem. I have no problem with my Desktop which is wired into the router. I have another Desktop in another room with a Belkin 54G PC wireless card in it. I have a Laptop in another room with a built in 54G wireless card in it. I have another laptop on my Garage work bench with a .11B PCMIA wireless card in it.

Tonight my three wireless stations are finding a NETGEAR wireless somewhere with a low signal. It takes over and I can't recognizie my

54G wireless router. It comes and goes It will recognize the 54G for a few minutes and then lose it.

I have no idea where this NETGEAR signal is coming from. How can I isolate this signal. None of my computers are networked together. They all use the Cable modem independently.

Hope to get some answers..

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El Cugino

In your wireless configuration menu, make the Belkin your PREFERRED

network and uncheck the box that indicates to connect to NON-PREFERRED

networks automatically. Merry Christmas!

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