Setup Belkin 802.11g Wireless card with Bigpond ADSL Kit?

Hi All,

I have installed the Bigpond Wireless kit on my desltop PC. This takes the standard Netgear USB Wireless Adaptor to communicate with the modem.

I also have a laptop with a Belkin 802.11g PCMCIA card.

Can anyone direct me to a site that descibes how to set up access to my laptop through the PCMCIA card please? I could go out an buy another Netgear USB stick but at $100 I'd rather use the Belkin card I already have if possible.

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You could download the manual from Belkin or Netgear or Bigpond.

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Rodney Kelp

I just recently purchased a Belkin 802.11g Wireless card F5D7001 card. It says it is compatible up to 125Mbps. I have a router that is capable of 108Mbps. It is an Airlink 101 SuperG. I had a card from the Airlink company but the drivers are not compatible with XP Pro SP2. I could load the Airlink card and the drivers but just after 1 minute or so the PC would lock up. So I gave up and bought the Belkin hoping not to have the same problems. Well low and behold this cards drivers are ok and the PC does not have a problem with them. The problem I am having is that if the card is advertised at 125 Mbps and the router is definitely rated for the higher speed why wont the card hook up at that speed? Or at least at 108Mbps? It will only hook up at 54 Mbps.

Any help would be appreciated. I am sure this is a unique situation and if any could offer a solution I would surely appreciate it.

I would rather not have to buy a Belkin router and reconfigure my network again.

Thanks for any help.

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Thanks for the info I appreciate you taking the time.

R>It does not work that way. 802.11g is the standard up to 54Mbs (Actuall

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Super G is one technology. Belkin are using MIMO which is a different

108mbps technology, the two are not compatible hence why you are only getting 'g' speeds. Personally I found MIMO better than Super G for signal strength.

ACtually I lie, the one you are useing says :-

Belkin F5D7001uk 125Mbps Wireless Desktop PCI Card £ 27.50inc £ 23.40 ex

- Belkin F5D7001uk 802.11g Desktop PCI Card

- Speeds up to 54Mbps with 802.11g devices

- Speeds up to 125Mbps with other Belkin 125Mbps products

- WEP and WPA support

- Works with Windows 98SE, 2000, ME and XP

SO its not the mimo one I assume but a similar proprietary format. I'd say, either live with the setup you've got at g speeds, get a super g card from the same manufacturer as the router or get a a belkin router that supports this 125mbps speed.

kind regards,


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Daniel Bennett

It does not work that way. 802.11g is the standard up to 54Mbs (Actuall speed is offected by many variables). Some manufacturers also claim much greater speeds using propriety software/Drivers and radio settings. None of them say that when using mixed manufacturers will you get those boosted speeds. So unless you have a Belkin router that says it supports up to

125Mbs then 54Mbs is the max you should ever expect.


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