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Hey guys, I appreciate any help you can give me.

I have a belkin wireless router that I have been using for about a

year. I use it to connect my cable modem and various other computers

in my local network. I have a machine (without a wireless capability)

that sits on the other side of the house that I need to have

Internet/Network capability. I purchased a second router (A netgear

WGR614) and a Wireless access point (Netgear WG602). I connected the

WAP using an ethernet cable to my current belkin router. I want to set

the new wireless router in the other room and have it use the WAP for

its' connection to my network. I cannot find a setting for the WGR614

to "use as access point". How do I configure these two netgear pieces

to allow wired access in the other room?

thanks for any help!


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Thanx for your reply, but I think I was not clear in what I was asking

for. I don't want to run a wire accross the house to the other room.

I can't just add a wirless card to it because it is a replay TV, it

just needs an ethernet connection.

I was hoping to use the new router to connect to the access point so

that the router in the other room will be able to provide wired access

to anything in the room. I think what that means I am looking for is

more of a wireless bridge to connect the new router in the other room

to the prime router connected to the cable modem.


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you cant use the router as an AP only - you should have got 2 x WG602s and then put them in repeater mode in order to extend the wireless network...alternatively leave the WG602 as it is and get a wireless bridge for the other PC.....I take it just sticking a wireless adaptor on the non wireless PC (to connect to the existing Belkin was out of the question due to range?

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All you have to do is run an ethernet cable from the Belkin to wired computer in the other room and VOILA! If all of the LAN ports on the Belkin are full, then you could connect the WGR614 to one of the LAN ports on the Belkin then run an ethernet cable from the WGR614 to the computer in the other room. Connecting the WGR614 to one of the LAN ports on the Belkin makes in an access point.

Being that you mentioned that you've used your Belkin for about a year, I am assuming that the wireless feature is suffice. If so, then purchasing the WG602 was unnecessary.

Unless I'm mistaken, you did mention that the computer in the other room did not have wireless capabilities. Right? If that is the case, you can connect an ethernet cable directly from the computer in the room to the Belkin or connect an ethernet cable from the computer in the room to the WAP (Wireless feature disabled) and then connect an etheret cable from the WAP to the Belkin or connect the computer in the room to the WGR614 via ethernet cable then connect the WGR614 to the Belkin via ethernet cable. See my point? All you need is an ethernet cable. Now, if you're planning on giving wireless capabilities to the computer in the room, then all you have to do is purchase a wireless pc card, install it and configure it for your current wireless network.

RECAP: Unless I'm mistaken, you simply want to connect the computer that does not have wireless capabilities and is in the other room to your current wireless network. You will not need the WGR614 or the WG602 to do this unless:

  1. I misunderstood your post
  2. There are no more available LAN ports on your current Wireless router
  3. You are planning on giving the computer in the other room wireless capabilities.
  4. You are trying to "BRIDGE" two networks together.

If I misunderstood your post, I'm sorry.

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Doug Jamal





In the wired room you could use: A device that will act as an ethernet bridge, this could talk to the belkin or set up to talk to the WAP (WAP in regular AP mode) an example of this is a netgear wge101 (i think) A device that can act as an AP in client mode. (maybe your wap will??? havent checked

2 Devices that can act as Bridges one on the Belkin and one in the wired PC room. A repeater will only give you wireless in the wired room, not wired connectivity. 2 devices in AP mode will not communicate wirelessly. Most likely the wgr614 by default is an AP only.
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Netgear calls this "wireless repeating" and describes it at . I don't know if the WGR614 can do it.

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