Does the DWL-2100AP from DLink work w/ 802.11b devices from Netgear ?


I'm planning to upgrade my AP to the DWL-2100AP from DLink but I have existing 802.11b devices from Netgear and DLink and obviously I would like them to continue to work w/o replacements.

Has anyone has positive interoperability experiences w/ the DWL-2100AP ?

I'm also of think of getting a wifi media player from Netgear (e.g. hook it to a DVR) and so I do hope that this DWL-2100AP will also work w/ media players from Netgear...

Thx much.

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Yes, the D-Link DWL2100 AP is backwards compatible, thus, it supports

wireless B products. By the way, it is an awesome access point. You

will like it. Take care and Merry Christmas!

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