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Hi all,

I have a ADSL Modem and a Belkin Wireless G Plus Router. Here are the details.

ADSL ROUTER ~~~~~~~~~ IP: Subnet Mask:

Belkin G Plus ~~~~~~~~ IP: Subnet Mask:

Now, yesterday I opened the Setup page from IE ( and enabled to use it as an Access Point. It asked to enter a new IP and subnet mask. I entered: IP: Subnet Mask:

I can use the WiFi (shows my IP as but now what is my IP to open the Belkin Setup Page from IE ???

I tried and

How do I open the Setup Page ???

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Is it an ADSL modem, or router?

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jashsayani hath wroth:

You don't. The only way to recover from this is by punching the reset button and starting over. Some early Belkin routers had this "feature". When you change the mode from router or "gateway" to "access point", there was a screen that warned you that you will need to punch the reset button in order to reconfigure your device. This is NOT true for all Belkin wireless and wired routers, but since you didn't bother supplying the model number, I can't determine if this is the case for yours.

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Jeff Liebermann

When asked to assign the Belkin an IP address for use as an AP, you should have assigned it an address that is in the same subnet, but outside the DHCP range, of your modem/router. You assigned an address that is in a different subnet. To access the Belkin now you will either have to manually set an IP address in your PC in the 192.168.15.x subnet, or reset the Belkin and reconfigure it properly.

The way you set this up is OK, but uncommon. It is more common when using a Wireless Router with a DSL modem/router unit, to put the modem into bridge mode (non routing) and use the router as a router. Alternatively, you could also have used a switch and a WAP rather than a wireless router.

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Phil A. Buster

Jeff Liebermann hath wroth:

Argh. Phil Buster has the right answer (unless you have a really old Belkin router).

You should NOT be assigning IP address outside of the original Class C address space. If your unspecified model ADSL "modem" at is currently assigning IP's in the range of 192.168.1.xxx, then you should reset the IP address of the vaguely specified model Belkin wireless G Plus router to You may to do this is two steps. First temporarily assign fixed IP address to your *WIRED* computer as Don't worry about gateway and DNS. You should now be able to connect to the misconfigured Belkin setup page at Set the IP address to Put the *WIRED* computer back to DHCP assigned IP's. You should get back your IP address and should see the Belkin at

If this is too much, just punch reset and start over. If is taken by some other device on the network, find a differerent IP address to use.

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Jeff Liebermann

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