Setting up Wireless Bridging

Hi everyone,

I have a ADSL Router that connects to the ISP, A Belkin G Plus Wireless Router and a Belkin N1 Vision Wireless Router. Now, I want to setup a Network like this:

|~~~~~~~~~~| |~~~~~~~~~~| |~~~~~~~~| | ADSL ROUTER | ------> | Belkin G Plus | ))))))))) | N1 Vision | |~~~~~~~~~~| Wired |~~~~~~~~~~| Wireless |~~~~~~~~|

So, I guess I have to first setup Both Routers as Access Points and then enable Wireless Bridging by entering the " N1's " MAC ADDRESS in " G Plus " and enable bridging.

Now, I have my ADSL connected to G Plus and WiFi works fine with G Plus. The issue is setting up the N1 Vision. What IP Do I give it while enabling "Use as Access Point". And secondly, How do I make it use the internet from the G Plus ???

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