How to turn WRT54G into access point

Ok. So I just moved into my new apartment. The lan worked fine. I decided I'd hook up my wireless router to the port to add wireless to the place. That didn't work. It became clear that my land lord when setting up this town house turned multi apartment complex split the one dsl connection with a router of his own. Hence my wrt54g has to be turned into an access point in order for this to work.

Now I've had trouble turning the wrt54g into an accesspoint. I know I have to do three things. Doing them however has been problematic. I have to disable the DHCP server, plug the lan line into a port other than the wan, and set up a static IP.

What I don't know is what to enter into the following three fields:

1) Internet IP Adress 2) Subnet Mask 3) Gateway

Step by step assistance would be greatly apreciated! Thanks!

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Leave all of these blank. These are all for the WAN(internet) port, which you are not using and have nothing connect. You can put whatever you want in there including blanks, zeros, or garbage, and the access point functions will not be affected.

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