Belkin N1 with Super G

Hi all,

I have a question to ask. I bought a Belkin N1 after my two D-LINKS DI-624 broke down (BTW do not every buy a D-LINK product EVER EVER). I have a D-LINK PCI card which is Super G and its maximum speed is 108. However its maximum speed with the router now is 54 while with the other D-LINK it used to go up to 108. It seems that the PCI card is recognizing the router as 54mbps.

Is it a question of drivers on my PC which has the PCI card or since

108 is not an industry standard I will never be able to connect up to 108??


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On Thu, 14 Jun 2007 06:39:11 -0400, newera wrote in :

With all due respect, many D-Link products work quite well, and in general I prefer D-Link to Belkin, which is pretty much the bottom of the branded barrel.

Different brands often have different "turbo" modes which aren't compatible with each other, so they interoperate only at standard speeds.


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