D-link wireless router WBR-1310 limited to no connectivity

Hello, I have a D-link wireless router as stated in the title. I also have comcast high speed internet with windows XP. When the internet is connected straight to the computer it works fine. However I want to hook up the router so I can play xbox live. When I set it up for this however, my computer says it is receiving little to no connectivity from the router. Also if i run the router installer, it says that there is no router hooked up. Then when I try to manually do it with ipconfig/renew and release it says it fails and that it could not connect the DHCP server. When I try to do it with the windows connectivity, it stops at renewing IP address and then it stops and can't connect further.

I'd really appreciate any help I can get to fix this problem thank you, or if it is the router that's the problem, any suggestions on great wireless routers to replace it, under $90.

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