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Hello Saturday I bought a Belkin N series router F5D8233, my last router was also a Belkin which worked fine but like all good things as soon as the warranty runs out it stops working (strange that!!) anyway, the new one works fine, set up was easy etc, but I have a little problem, My PC is cable wired to it, but the rest of the home is wireless, my computer connects straight away when I turn the PC on, the Laptop and the kids PC's don't, I have to repair the connection using Windows XP repair tool everytime they turn on, if not they get limited connectivity. Windows says that the ip address needs renewing everytime the PC's are turned on, but only the wireless ones.

Anyone know what the problem is?

All the PC's use windows XP SP2, all te network cards are realtek, they all worked fine with the last router.



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Did you set an ssid name?.

I don't know to what extent you know your router and the wireless software on the computers but,

Have you considered using wpa or wpa2 which is secure

Set up the router first for wireless, create a unique ssid name, enable wireless, set to wpa psk (pre shared key) and aes for encryption then a good password. Common words and names in wpa2 can be cracked with wireless cracking sofware in moments so create a password like M,CTd8&5^/"P, this will be very secure

Then in the computer software set the ssid to the same as the routers, set to wpa or wpa2 then psk\\aes then the same password as you set in the router

But always set up the router first, then the wireless software to reflect the router settings

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------------------------------------ also

I would remove and reinstall the software and reset the router if you follow these general directions, make sure your wireless cards software on the computers supports either wpa or wpa2

Also youtube has some nice videos of different router and card software setup


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I also use Belkin eqpt. Mine is guaranteed for life and, when my previous router died, got it replaced by the latest, similar product FOC.

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I'm no expert here but from similar problems I've had in the past are you sure the wireless pc,s are compatible with wireless N? You may have to set the routers wireless type to G or whatever your pc's use. When I got a wireless G router an old laptop with A wouldn't work with it, though the other later machines did. I had to set the router to mixed and then it all worked.


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Mahatma Coat

I was thinking it's an SSID issue as well. But the usual advice is to troubleshoot wireless with security (WPA) off first, then, when it's all working right, turn it on in the router and clients.

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step thru the basics -

#1 - When the wireless computers are on, what "wireless network" does it indicate is available by clicking on the icon usually in the tray or doing a "View Avail Wireless Networks" command ?

#2 - do the computers have WEP or WPA previously defined for security ?

#3 - does the wireless router have any security turned on by default ? WEP or WPA ?

you get the idea...

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