Problems with DI-514 D-Link Router


I can connect with my computer (Windows XP) via Ethernet cable very well with the Router and through that to the Internet (Shawcable Canada). But when I try to connect wireless I get maybe at the beginning - if I have luck - a few chunks of data but then it stops. But the connection is there. I can see it under the network connections (wireless). I have an IP address and everthing. Even the router tells me that I am connected. I have no encryption and no authentification used. I tried it with static IP address and DHCP. Nothing works. I even updated the DI-514 firmware.

Can anybody help me what else I can try?


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Are you sure you are not talking about a DI-524????

Have you called the tech support people at 1.877.453.5465 or by website support

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They were very helpful with my issues with my 524.

Tech support walked me throught the process step by step.

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Eugene J. Maes


yah, it's the 514 Router. I'll try the tech support. Thats a good idea.



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On Tue, 13 Jun 2006 02:46:41 GMT, "Shaw" wrote in :

Make sure you have the latest firmware installed. Then check for sources of interference. (See FAQs below.)

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John Navas

Make sure that the Router and the computer are separated by a couple feet, or a bit more. You could be overloading one of the receivers.

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