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I'm having trouble getting a laptop to connect to a Netgear ADSL wireless router.

I get excellent signal strength, it accepts the WEP key but then takes ages to connect - I see "acquiring network address" for ages then see "Limited or no connectivity" and I just get blank pages when trying to browse the web.

Any ideas what I should be looking at to get this to work?

My main PC which connects directly to the router via Ethernet cable works fine so I know the router has a live internet connection.

Thanks for any info.


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Ian R
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Sounds like interference. See the FAQ below.

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John Navas

Most likely it is either failed security authentication (WEP key) or you are not getting an IP address from the router's DHCP server. Windows is not very helpful with their error messages. Check your WEP key first as this is probably the problem. Even though Windows seems to accept the key, it doesn't mean the router does. Windows doesn't tell you if authentication to the router fails, it just says you have limited or no connectivity. To be sure you are giving the right key always use hexadecimal keys instead of ASCII (sometimes called password or passphrase).

If it is a DHCP issue, assign a static IP to your computer that is in the same subnet as your router (If your router is, assign your computer to be somthing like to see if that works. A good indictation of a DHCP issue is to look at your IP address. If it starts with 169.something.something.something you are not getting an IP address assigned by your router. It will also be this address if your WEP authentication fails.

Good Luck

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