D-Link DSM-320 Internet connection problem...

Here's the setup:

Linksys WAG54G wireless access point/gateway/router XP Pro laptop with WPC54G PCMCIA adapter

98SE laptopwith WPC54G PCMCIA adapter

these all work together ok on my LAN via DHCP and the PCs can both access the internet

I've added a D-Link DSM-320 media centre to the LAN, using wireless and DHCP, seems fine on the LAN and I am able to access/play remote media from sources on my LAN.

The problem is that the DSM will not connect thru to the internet and I can't see why - it is picking up its DHCP address ok, and it is on my LAN, but net access is just not happening.

Any help/tips appreciated.


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Looking at your newsserver I presume you are in the UK.

I have been looking at one of these for Xmas but have been put off by it only having WEP encryption. From Manual

1Radio@AOL is available for USA customers only. 2 RhapsodyTM is available for USA customers only. 3 NapsterTM is available for USA, Canada, and England customers only.

Files downloaded with Napster? are in the Windows Media DRM format. This is a type of copy protection. These files can be played on the DSM-320 if you use the Windows® Media Connect software. This software can only be run on Windows® XP with Service Pack 2 or Windows® XP Media Center Edition. For details on configuring Windows® Media Connect, please refer to page 26 of the manual.


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Rob wrote

Well I have managed to sort some issues out, as follows... Seems I had a coincidental logon error for the live365 service, which I hadn't realised was case sensitive - now I can access the online stations. However, using the built in 'internet connection test' I still get a failure which leads me to believe either something in my WAP/router is blocking the test process, or the DSM test is flawed. Interestingly when I check for firmware updates (which it did at first power up, out of the box) it merely goes away, then reports latest f/w installed, not 'unable to connect'. So connection case closed, mostly.

As for encrytion I noticed in the set up, that you could omit encrypted wireless if you wanted to. I guess you mention AOL etc as they are advertised with the bundle, and no I have not seen anything there, but the Live365 works ok, though I am still rooting to get a decent set of stations together that are actually accessible (despite being listed..). Seems odd that WMV does not seem supported too.

Audio play from a remote disk store works nicely and photos are ok, but video is not that great and in fact I think the demand of video moving around my LAN caused it to screw up for the first time i can remember. Overall though I still kinda like the kit for audio/radio alone

get in touch if you want to know more

cheers dave

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