D-Link and iTunes problem

After an evening of trying to work out why my D-Link wireless router had stopped connecting to AOL the helpful chaps at D-Link asked whether I had just upgraded iTunes.

I had upgraded iTunes a day or so previously and miraculously after uninstalling iTunes and reseting the router it worked fine. Apparently they've been quite busy on the D-Link techical line as a result of the latest iTunes becoming available!

The chap at D-Link talked me through some changes to my router settings and advised that I could now download iTunes again without it causing a problem.

As you will have noted, I am not profficient with the technical aspects of wireless routers but thought I would post my experience here in case it helped anyone out.

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The main change seemed to be in the network set-up screens where the DNS IP address was changed from automatically assigned to specific ones, which were something like:

I'm sure the router log had suggested some sort of DNS problem, not that I have the first clue what DNS actually is or does!

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Yeah, apparently iTunes 5 is a real disaster. Anyone know where I can find 4.9 on the net?

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William P. N. Smith

topcat11uk a écrit :

Yep, I found that interesting. Do you by luck happen to know / be able to summarize what the "changes" in your router help with the recent itunes ?


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itunes 5.01 was released today.

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Same thing with me when I set up a system on a friends PCs. Must say that D-Link support was the best I have ever come across. Very efficient and spot on!

Netgear however is completely another matter!!! Useless bunch! Julie

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Julie Meikle

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