D-Link connection problem

I'm hoping someone out there has a solution for a wireless connection problem.

Three weeks ago I purchased a D-Link bundled system, with a DI-524 H/W ver E1 F/W v5.10 router and a DWL G122 ver B1 F/W 2.02 adapter. I'm using the adapter on a Dell Dimension 8200 desktop running XP for home. All software and firmware has been upgraded. I have the adapter approximately 12 feet from the router and the connection strength is usually at the maximum.

Approximately every 3 minutes the connection gets lost. I usually realize this when a window pops up telling me the network is now connected. Occasionally I have to manually open up the icon and re-enter my password. Telecommuting is impossible with this problem.

I've talked to D-Link technical support three times by phone and twice via e-mail. They've basically told me to do the same things over and over (use Windows to configure the adapter, don't use Windows to configure the adapter, change the channel, change the RTS threshold and fragmentation rates, move the location of the adapter, etc). The problem is still there.

This seems to be outside of D-Link's ability to fix. Does anyone have any experience with disconnects like this? Are there any obscure fixes I can try? How would I check to see if there is outside RF interference?


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This is a follow-up to my own note. Since writing it I've found out that the admin account on my machine does not have the disconnect problems; it has stayed connected for over an hour now without a problem. The limit account I had been using for e-mail and browsing was disconnecting at 1-5 minute intervals, and another limited account I want to use strictly for logons to work will not connect at all.

There's something about the way the adapter is set up that is incompatable with limited access XP ids. Does anyone know a way around this? I'd rather use the limited accounts for i-net access for protection.


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It does sound like radio interference. See the Interference section in the wiki below.

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John Navas

Previously I have had a not dissimilar problem also with a Dell and a USB WiFi adaptor. Eventually the problem was traced to be the USB chipset on the Dell. It was a VIA type which we managed to sort out by upgrading the USB chipset drivers. Have you got the latest chipset drivers installed for the Dell?


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I'm assuming you are using WPA. It sounds like its not getting the WPA update.

Are you using Microsoft's or D-Link's WPA supplicant?

I haven't seen the same problem under Windoze, but have seen it under it GNU/Linux. (It turned out to be a permission problem, which I was able to resolve.)

Can't say for sure if thats what is going on, but this may give you some keywords to google/deja for...

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