D-Link G604T problem

I have a problem with losing internet connectivity with the DSL-G604T/EU V.A1

When I power on the router and computers (Acer 1682WLMi, some 1year old Toshiba with PCMCIA-card) I can get on the 'net OK. But after some time, be it 3min or longer, internet falls off. I can still connect to the router at this time and whenever. The same thing happens when i connect to the router with cable.

Anybody heard anything like this??

From router Status page: Gateway is V1.00B02T02.EU.20040618 ATM Driver DSL HAL DSL Datapumps Annex A SAR HAL 01.06.06 s PDSP Firmware 0.49 Wireless firmware Wireless APDK 5.5.20 Wireless driver 1.1.2 Boor Loader 0.22.02

This at a friend of mine's place, ~35km away, so I can't just whenever check in... We'd rather get this to work..

(D-Link case number 502142)

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Thomas Wendell
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Maybe you do not have a clean Broadband connection? If you get a noisy line it will kill off the ADSL and you have to reset the router.

Or maybe it is time for a new one.

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Well, the D-link is new (as of Fri, Mars 12.) and the ADSL has been working for about 2years with a RoadRunner44, no problems... It still works withe RoadRunner, but as they got another machine and don't want to route cables to the other side of house for it, we thought to go wireless.... (the house is timber),

But neither machine can keep the 'net connection up, neither wireless or with cable..

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Thomas Wendell

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