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Installed D-Link DI-524 Wireless router and got it to work. Running Windows XP Pro and Verizon DSL. It is wired to desktop and wireless to laptops. Finally got all to work - share files and internet connction. Problem-Local Area Connection every so often shows 'Network cable disconnected' and seconds later shows 'Connected'. DLink suggested I assign a static IP address; lock down to 10mbps; disable UPnP; Change the PREAMBLE to Short; Lock down the TX rate on the Access Point/Router to 2 Mbps to establish a connection; reduce number of Virtual Servers.

I assigned a static IP and trying that now. Is there any drawback with doing this? Also, do not fully understand Virtual servers and which ones I need or do not need.

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I am having the same problem. I brought the router in to work with me to test it with a different computer and away from my house. Thing worked perfectly "with the wi-fi set to enabled". Took it back home and it started again. So, I unhooked everything from the router except one computer and even changed NIC's, same thing. So, I disabled the wi-fi part in the config and I didn't get anymore disconnects. Interesting.

I spoke with a friend of mine that has the same router and he asked me if I had a cordless phone running @ 2.4 GHz. I told him I didn't, I have one using 900 MHz. He said he gets interfernece from his and his phone IS 2.4 GHz.

That got me wondering, since I had disconnected everything from the router and only had one PC hooked up to it, and I don't have a 2.4 GHz phone, what could be making it drop the connections at my place. Only thing I can think of is that my Dish Network Super Dish is just outside (probably no more than 5 feet from the router). I am wondering if this is the problem. It is certainly attributble to the wi-fi portion of the router.

Next step, move the router across the house to a different computer and turn the wi-fi part back on.

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