CompUSA Router - Station-Infrastructure and Station-AdHoc Modes

I have a CompUSA Wireless Router. In the wireless configuration section, it has a number of options, including Station-Infrastructure and Station-AdHoc. The documentation is totally silent on what these different modes do. Does anyone have an explanation?

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Mike Schumann
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"Mike Schumann" hath wroth:

Infrastructure is where the wireless router acts as a central "hub" and orchestrates the wireless network. All clients talk to the wireless router and not to each other.

AdHoc is where all radios in the network talk to each other directly. There is no central hub or orchestration. This is great for games, but not very useful for internet access through the internal router.

If you're connecting to the internet, my guess(tm) is that the correct setting for you would be infrastructure, unless you're setting up a local wireless game network.

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