Connect Edimax BR-6228Nc with the VIZIO XWR100 in 'Station Infrastructure' Mode

I am using the Edimax BR-6228Nc in Station Infrastructure mode. It connects= by wireless to the VIZIO XWR100 Dual-band HD Wireless Internet Router.=20

I you are having problems here are the steps I followed for my network. Per= haps they may help you. You will have to adapt these for your setting.

My network connections are:

VIZIO XWR100 ----> wireless ----> EDIMAX BR-6228nC --> ethernet ---> LAPTOP= (Win XP used for configuration and also has it's own Wifi adapter)=20

Step 1 - Change the IP address of the Edimax.=20 The Vizio router's default factory IP address is (Class C IP ad= dress with subnet mask whereas the Edimax's is = Since the Edimax will be under the Vizio router's network it's IP has to be= changed.=20 Type Edimax's default IP address in the browser address bar and= login using default username and password. Click on 'General Setup/LAN'.=20 In the IP address field change to Select 'Disable' for 'DHCP Server'. Click 'Apply'.

Now the Edimax's IP address has changed. So to get back to the router confi= guration screen the Laptop's IP address will have to be changed manually (i= n later step this manual entry IP address will have to removed). Select the= Edimax's 'Local Area Connection' in Control Panel's 'Network Connections'.= Right click on it and select 'Properties'. Then in 'General Tab' click on = 'Internet Protocol(TCP/IP)'' in the item list and then click 'Properties bu= tton'. Select 'Use the following IP address' and enter in the= IP address field. The subnet mask should be set to Click OK= and again OK on the main 'Properties' window. You should now be able to lo= g on to the router using default uasername and password.=20

Step 2 - Change 'Wireless settings' of VIZIO. You may or may not need to do= this for your setup. Wireless LAN wireless encryption can be WPA with TKIP or WPA2 with AES or T= KIP

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. Some equipment like= the VIZIO may offer WPA with AES too, which the Edimax did not recognize. = My Vizio wireless security encryption was set as WPA with AES, so I set it = to WPA2 with AES.

Step 3 - Select right 'Wireless settings' on Edimax Click on 'General Setup/Wireless'. For Mode select 'Station Infrastructure'= . Click 'Site Survey' and select the network you wish to connect to. For Ba= nd I selected/changed to 2.4GHz(N), but you can choose not to change this s= etting. Then click 'Apply'

Select 'Security Settings' (below the 'Wireless settings'). Under encryption select 'WPA pre-shared key' or other depending on your mai= n router settings. Select the 'WPA2(AES)' radio button or other depending on your main router = settings. For Pre-shared Key Format select Passphrase=20 Enter the VIZIO's Pre-shared Key (also known as Network Key) in the field Then click 'Apply'

Step 4 - Remove the manual IP address entered in Step 1 by clicking 'Obtain= IP address automatically'

Step 5 - Under 'General Setup/NAT', select 'Enable Static Routing' then cli= ck 'Apply'

I obtained connection to the Internet after these steps.

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