Various modes on an Access Point

Forgive my newbieness when it comes to wireless networking. I recently bought myself an wireless access point as a cop out as not to delve into the murky world of wireless nic's and linux. I just plugged my trusty rlt8139 into the 100 base T port on the the back of the AP and hey presto I can connect to my wireless router three floors down with my Linux server. So far so good.

Having fiddled around with the settings in my Pheenet WAP-554G (the documentation it is supplied with is very scant to say the least) it has several modes of operation :

AP Station Ad-hoc Station Infrastructure (the mode I am currently running) AP Bridge - Point to Point AP Bridge - Point to Multipoint AP Bridge - WDS Unversal repeater

I think I know what the unversal repeater does but can someone explain the other modes? My other question is can I force the access point to pass all traffic from the wireless side to the wired side only because the devil in me can be a little nosey at times ;o)


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On 29 Nov 2006 15:07:11 -0800, "Azazel" wrote in :

Then it's a wireless client (Ethernet) bridge, not an access point.

Access Point. Host in an infrastructure network.

Ad hoc network. All stations talk to all stations.

Actually wireless client (Ethernet) bridge.

See wikis below and Wikipedia for info on these other modes.

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