Can't Connect to Wireless-B with Netgear WG311T

Hi all, I have a Netgear WG311T PCI Adapter and pick up about 9 different networks with it. However I can only connect to the one G network of the bunch. Signal strength is about the same for but generally low for each (45-56%) in the Netgear Software. Any time I try to connect to any of the B APs I get the "Wireless Network Unavailable" message. I have Auto-Config in Windows turned off and the 802.11B in Netgear's "Advanced Settings" checked.

I have SP 1 but note SP 2 installed. I built an antenna out of a Pringles can but the stock antenna or the external yield the same result except I pick up a few more of them with the Yagi.

If anyone can tell me what the problem is or where to get more information on what to do then I would appreciate it. TIA

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I installed one the other day - exact same problem - it auto detected and installed, found network, wouldn't connect.

My fix was easy - just run the software on the cd - say yes to everything (so it uses Netgears Smart Configuration) - then it worked fine.

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Sybrand Strauss

I've been using the Netgear software from the start and I have always had the problem.

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