Can't get WG311T to connect to internet before login


I've got a WG311T connected to a Win 2003 server.

I can't get it to connect to my WGT624 router without actually logging in (ie., I can't just leave it at the Ctrl Alt Del prompt, I must login to an account), which allows it to run the Netgear Wireless Assistant.

I've tried running the Netgear Wireless Assistant as a service, as a scheduled task at start up. I've removed it and tried to let Windows control the WG311T.

Still, no luck. Has anyone had any success with this? Do you have any suggestions?

Otherwise, I'll have to ditch the card and go back to a network cable.

Thanks for any assistance.

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As i have read it is a common problem. have you disabled the ctrl alt del to logon and tried.

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