Can see network but can't connect with Netgear Wg111v2

Hi! I've been looking around the forum but can't find anything like this. I had been using a Netgear Wg111v2 wireless USB adapter for the last 2 weeks and it had been working fine. But suddenly the computer lost it's connection while surfing the web and I can't get it to reconnect... I've rebooted everything at least twice to no avail and all the other pc's work fine... can anyone give me suggestions?

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Check your settings, especially the firewall... At odd times, while you are online, an update may have been installed, and while usually the old settings are kept, once in a while it resets them back, and in the case of the firewall, will/may stop your access.... (before you get too paranoid, I've only had it happen twice in about 5 years, but it drove me nuts till I figgered it out)

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