Linksys WRT54GS G Wifi Router: can't connect with b-cards

Set-up a Linksys WRT54GS wifi router at my in-laws. Her compaq laptop with
built-in wifi (G) sees the network and connects with no problem. My older
laptop has a b card, I can see the network but when I try to connect I get a
message that the network I am trying to connect to may be out of range???
Went into the set-up and it is set for mixed (ie... b or g)
Anybody have a smilar problem and of course how did you reslove? Thanks.
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Wanted to add that my b card works flawlessly on my linksys b router, as does my mother-in-laws compaq, mentioned in first post. Thanks,
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Assuming you've got the latest firmware, either do a factory reset and start over, or try setting it to "G only" and back again...
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