Can't connect Dell D620 to Netgear WG102

We have a number of Dell D620 laptops with the Dell Wireless 1390 cards, and we've found that we can't connect to the Netgear WG102 WAP unless we use the Dell utility to control the card. If we just install the drivers for the card, and control the connection with the Windows XP tool, the network shows up, it lets us say 'connect' but it never asks us for the encryption key and says that it is not connected (though the 'connect' button changes to 'disconnect').

Does anyone have any idea what might be effecting this? I have a Netgear WG624 at home that these work just fine with either way, so I'm wondering if there are some additional settings on the 102 that might be throwing them off.

Any suggestions are MUCH appreciated.


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"Mick" hath wroth:

I have a guess(tm). Windoze Wireless Zero Config likes to save settings even if the connection had previously failed. If you delete the setup for the particular SSID, it will probably ask for the WEP/WPA key.

Control Panel -> Network Conniptions Right click on the Wireless device icon and select Properties Hit the "wireless networks" tab Find the SSID of the WG102 and delete it. Then try "view available networks" and "rescan".

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Jeff Liebermann

On Sun, 20 Aug 2006 09:31:27 -0700, Jeff Liebermann wrote in :

Worse, it saves it as automatic (rather than manual) connect without asking. Connect to an open "linksys" access point, and my guess(tm) is that from then on it will assume all "linksys" access points are the same thing and try to connect to them in the same way automatically.

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