can't access internet through router

I'm having trouble accessing the internet through my router. I've just bought a reconditioned linksys WAG54GS. My isp is Orange with a broadband connection and the internet works fine through the speedtouch

330 USB ADSL modem they provided. However, we have 4 computers so wanted a router so we could all use the internet. I set up the network successfully using the instructions with the router. I can see and join the network when I search for available wireless networks but the internet will not work. I obtained the connection settings off orange (encapsulation codes, etc.) and asked them if I can use a linksys router with their connection-they said this wouldn't be a problem. Both BT and orange say the line is fine and as I mentioned I can get on the internet using the original orange modem through one computer. Do you think I have a dodgy router seeing as it was reconditioned? But if it is broken then surely I wouldn't have been able to successfully set up the network. Any suggestions? Thanks.:confused:

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  1. Did Orange provision your router to work on their system? You cannot just 'plug in' a different modem to dsl and have it work without their assistance. They have to register the mac addy/et al for their system to connect to your modem. From your description, it sounds like the Orange modem is still registered. Usually, an isp will register your modem and "de-register" the old one so that you cannot have two modems working at the same time. (unless you are paying for same) Profit motive and all that.
  2. A better solution, more likely to work, would have been to get a WRT54G wireless router, and connect from your Orange modem to the WRT54g with cat5 patch cord.
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