Access Internet through VPN

I asked that before, but then I had PIX OS 6.x, I now have upgraded to

7.x and it should be possible to do so.

The only command I could find that might help is this one: help same-security-traffic

but activating it for inter-internet doesn't help. I still can't access the internet throught my PIX when the VPN is running.

Are there any how-tos or anything that might help me set this up?

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Clemens Schwaighofer
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Okay, I succeeded in routing traffic from VPN clients through my PIX, but I run into another Problem.

I have to networks connected to the PIX. A is 192.168 and is the local, and B is 172.16.88 and is an "special" one. I can access it from the inside, but the VPN clients can ping the hosts, but not access them (eg via rdp to windows boxes). The strange thing is, I don't have any error messages in my log.

I already tried to add a NAT route like this: pfw(config)# nat (outside) 10 outside tcp 0

0 udp 0

but the PIX throws me this error: ERROR: unable to download policy

any tips how to solve this?

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