sharing wireless internet access through ad-hoc?

A group of friends and I meet regularly in a building with secured wireless. I don't know any of the details, except that when I connect to the wireless, any attempt to go to a web page redirects me to a login page. I put in my credentials, and then the wireless access is unlocked and I can do whatever I want.

Unfortunately, my friends do not have accounts and are therefore unable to access the internet. Is there any way that I can share my access through ad-hoc mode or something like that? Also, there are ethernet ports, so I may be able to hard-wire into the network and then share access via my wireless card, if such a thing is possible.


Note: I have a Windows XP PC, and one of the other machines is a Mac. I don't imagine they would have any trouble talking to each other or setting up and ad hoc network, but you never know...

Thanks, Micah

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On 17 Apr 2007 08:12:45 -0700, Micah wrote in :

Sharing that wireless connection would probably violate the terms and conditions of using that service. That said, you may be able to share the connection with Windows Internet Connection Sharing. Ad hoc is a _bad_ way to do it because of security issues -- use either wired networking or your own wireless access point.

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John Navas

If you have access to a wired connection:

You could also make your connection via WiFi and share a second WiFi adapter in the same PC. I recall a poster in this group who was using an external WiFi antenna to bring signal inside a boat, and a second WiFi adapter in the same machine in adhoc mode to let a PDA have access.

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