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Hello all,

I have about 15 users behind a Netscreen 5XP with a 10 user limit. I have users that can't periodically can't access the internet. My log file on the netscreen keeps giving me error messages that say - "The user limit has been exceeded and x.x.x.x cannot be added."

I was wondering if the Netscreen blocks outbound internet access after the 10 user sessions are established. If so, I will purchase another license and see if that fixes it.



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You answered your own question - 10 User Limit! If that NS is like most of the other firewalls with limits, it's not just Users, it's anything with an IP that accesses the firewall (or internet) that counts as a "User" - like printers or such.

You may also find that the IP's are attached to the user until the NS is rebooted - kind of locked until it's rebooted. Meaning that you can't just let 10 of 15 users out, it's the first 10 IP that get access, all others are blocked until it's rebooted or the license is increased.

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