VPN access through DSL router fails


I have a Allnet ALL0196 DSL router and I would like to connect to my companys network via VPN through that router. I can authenticate at the companys firewall but I don't get a connection on any resources behind the firewall. If I directly connect to the Internet via ISDN or Modem (w/o the NAT router) the VPN connection works fine.

Router: Allnet ALL0196 VPN Client: Checkpoint VPN-1 SecureClient

Does anyone have an idea what I have to configure? Thanks in advance!

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Does the router support IPSEC passthrough? will it pass IP protocol 50, or only TCP/UDP?

You need to have it be able to pass IP protocol 50, which is "ESP". Many routers will only pass TCP (protocol 6) or udp (protocol 17.

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T. Sean Weintz

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