Some connected devices can't access the internet

Hello everyone,

I'm fairly good with comptuers / networking but this issue has me baffled. Help would be greatly appreciated.

I have a linksys router (WRK54G) and have 2 desktops and 2 laptops connected to it wirelessly at the moment. I bought 3 smart phones (AT&T Tilts) and a new laptop recently. I don't use encryption but I do have MAC address filtering enabled.

The issue is that 1 of the smart phones can connect to the network and the internet, but the other 2 phones and the laptop can connect to the network but not the internet.

I did add their MAC addresses to the "allow" list ofcourse, which is why they're able to connect to the network. DHCP is enabled, and these devices get an IP address. I can see them as connected when i log in to my router as well through one of my other computers (I see the MAC address and the IP assigned to those devices) so I know they're properly connected to the network. However, when i try to pull up a website (using either its ip or its domain name), the devices try to open up the page but eventually give me a "The page cannot be displayed or downloaded because the connection was lost" on the pocket PCs, and a generic "page cannot be found" on the laptop. I don't see these requests in the outgoing log table of the router either... I'm supposed to see them as when i use one of my desktops, I can see which site was accessed by which IP.

So basically, the requests from 2 smart phones and 1 laptop aren't even getting to the router apparently. What could be wrong? These devices can access the internet on other routers elsewhere at my workplace or at wi-fi spots.. just not at home, which is a major inconvenience. Why would the router be stopping some devices from connecting to the internet and allowing others? I know it's not a setting in the devices as it can access the internet through other wi-fi spots elsewhere..

Help will be truly appreciated.

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Clearly there is something wrong with the router since the laptop and the phones are working fine at other places. Only solution to this issue is upgrading the latest firmware, resetting and reconfiguring the router. If u r not sure with steps to upgrade call tech support. Remember to do a reset after u Upgrade.It is a must.

Try it. Appreciate ur feedback. U can check my website too for any help...

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thanks. Manu

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