Can't access Router admin.

Is the LAN port on your laptop connected to the WAN port on your router, or the LAN port on your router? Are you using a crossover cable?

What's the full output of "ipconfig/all" look like on your laptop.

[Since your VOIP data is already compressed, your attempt to use the satellite modem 'accelleration' software with it, and to use a VOIP connection over a satellite data connection may never be successful. It's not just about the latency, it's the real bandwidth you get before they play all their games with the "accelerator" software that tries to trick you into thinking you've got a high-speed connection. Way more info than you could ever want on the satellite data newgroups...]
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William P.N. Smith
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I have been trying to set up Vonage using a Linksys RT31P2

router/telephone adapter. I'm in somewhat of a unique situation because

I use satellite internet. (I understand about latency) Here is my

problem. Because my satellite modem requires accelerator software

installed on my computer, I can't place the router between my modem and

my computer. So, I am trying to put it after my computer. I am on a

laptop so I have hooked my modem up via USB and connected the router

via my LAN port. I cannot access the router. It is passing packets back

and forth but no access. I have spoken w/ Linksys and they couldn't

figure it out. Any ideas? I ran an ipconfig/all and it returned an

address of When I input this into IE it takes forever,

then says it can't do it. In Firefox it says: "The connection was refused when attempting to connect to" I exhausted Linksys's tech support. I use Norton Internet Security but

have made my attempts unconnected to the internet and with Norton

Disabled. Any help would be greatly appreciated.


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I suspect that your VOIP ports will only connect to the WAN port, so you'll have to use configuration B). Yes, in order to configure the router, you'll have to connect to one of it's LAN ports, but once it's set up you can connect the laptop's Ethernet port to the WAN port, enable ICS on the laptop's WAN port for satellite data, and hook up a phone.

I'd try this somewhere with a wired broadbamd network first, just to make sure of what works. For instance, the satallite connection may not allow you to share it with ICS...

You should use whatever cable makes the LEDs on the router light up, and a reasonable response to ipconfig/all come up. You'll also have to watch out for gotchas like having the ICS software and the router's DHCP server trying to hand out IP addresses in the same subnet...

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William P.N. Smith

I was given the following help article by linksys. 'Lynksis help


formatting link
I tried the first configuration

because the second one seemed to require computers post router. In that

configuration it is connected to port 1. As to your question about what

cable I am using, it is a crossover. Will that make a difference? I

have to go but I will respond to the rest of your post later. Thank you

for your help so far.

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Could you give me a simple explanation on how to work ICS? The router

has dedicated phone outputs so no phone adapter is needed after the

router. How about a simple explanation on how to "enable ICS on the laptop's

WAN port for satellite data, and hook up a phone." I ran an ipconfig

and it returned both connections. I immediately tried to access the

router based on the address specified but couldn't get there. I will

hook it all back up tomorrow and send you the results; it's late.

Thanks for the help.


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Google is your friend, I don't do ICS on a regular basis. In WinXP it's pretty straightforward to set up, and there are lots of guides on the net.

Please tell us what those are.

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William P.N. Smith

So you're all set?

This is with nothing running, no satellite connection and no router? Where's the Ethernet port that's connected to the router? I'm really lost here...

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William P.N. Smith

Slight change in situation. I finally got to the router admin. I hooked

everything up and ran an ipconfig/all to get the info you wanted. Here

is what it said: ________________________________________________ Windows IP Configuration

Host Name..........................:********* Primary Dns Suffix.................: Node Type..........................:Unkown IP Routing Enabled.................:No WINS Proxy Enabled.................:Yes

Ethernet adapter Local Area Connection 2:

Connection-specific DNS Suffix....: Description..............................:Satellite Modem 360 USB

Driver Physical Address.......................:00-A0-AC-00-70-BA Dhcp Enabled...........................:Yes Autoconfiguration Enabled...........:Yes Autoconfiguration IP Address.......: Subnet Mask............................: Default Gateway.......................:

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Well, I got a PCMCIA LAN card and hooked the router to the PC card and

the modem to the integrated LAN card. My point in doing all this(if I

didn't mention it earlier) was to use Vonage. Well I signed up,

activated ICS, fired up the router and boom. I have VOIP. But I still

can't access the router admin. I have tried and tried and tried. I

could just live with it but I think I am going to be upgrading to a

faster Modem which will allow me to place the router between the modem

and the PC. If I can't access the router admin I could have trouble

using it as a plain old router in the futer.


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