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And appologies if this question has been asked a 1000 times before.

Running Win2kPro SP4 I can share my broadband connection no problem when using CAT5 cable, a Compaq Netelligent 10/100TX PCI UTP Controller in my desktop PC, and a Longshine Ethernet 10M in my laptop. The connection is stable and DHCP works fine as does ICS.

As soon as I try to do the same using a Belkin Wireless PCI Network Card in my desktop PC & Belkin Wireless G Notebook Netork Card in my laptop, the whole thing goes tits up.

The laptop won't access the ICS DHCP server. Therefore no DNS or default gateways are allocated either. If I use a static ip address of, subnet with default gateway as and the same for DNS. The network side runs ok, but still no internet.

Pinging a hostname dosen't work so DNS is not working. Neither does entering a tcp/ip address into IE6.

What the hell is going on. Is there a restriction in wireless networking that means peer to peer ICS just won't work with out a router.

If this is so will an ordinary wireless router do the job with my Speed Touch ADSL USB modem, or would i have to replace it with a modem-router.

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You can get a ADSL modem that uses a RJ45 connection and not USB may be the ISP can replace the USB one or you can buy one that uses the RJ45 connection just make sure it's a modem that's approved to run on the ISP's network.

Then you can buy a standalone ADSL wire/wireless Access Point NAT router that uses RJ45 and connect it to the modem and be done with it.

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Wireless and ICS is suspect to say the least about it.

Duane :)

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