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I have a Belkin wired router to a cable modem. It works and I don't want to modify my setup for my wired machines, so I'm leaving it in place. I have a wireless router (D-Link 624) which I want to use as an access point to my Belkin router.

I connected my desktop to the D-Link, went into setup and changed the LAN IP, disabled DHCP, setup WPA. With the change of LAN IP, I then got back into setup with the new IP.

I then connected my Belkin to the D-Link using another LAN port (not the WAN). I reset my connection on my desktop and I have access to the internet. I tested my laptop and was ab;e to connect wirelessly and to the internet.

So everything looks good. But, what I found is that I can not get back into the setup of my D-Link. It just clocks. If I disconnect the D-Link from the Belkin, I can get into setup. So I'm guessing I either need to change something on the Belkin to allow connection to the D-Link, or change something on the D-Link to allow it to be found.

Any ideas?



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