Wireless Traffic Interfering With Sound

A very strange problem started occurring with my Sager NP-5320 notebook a couple weeks ago. I noticed when I would play any sort of audio through the web, in Winamp, games, etc. the audio would snap, crackle, pop, and occasionally cut out in one channel and at worst case completely cut out. It took me several days, a system restore, and a complete system reformat (XP Pro SP2) to figure out that whenever I loaded a website, downloaded a file, or performed any sort of action that required communication through my integrated Intel PRO/Wireless

2915ABG card, the audio would screw up like I just said. I figured it was just the card to blame, so I started using the network through the landline ethernet jack, and the sound is just fine. I asked a friend for a Netgear wireless PCMCIA card to see if it really was just the integrated Intel card, but to no avail, communication through the Netgear card screws up my audio as well.

The weirdest thing is that I've noticed other people in my dorm have been having the exact same problems. One has an Athlon 64 desktop that I custom built myself (which does not have a wireless card), and the other has an IBM ThinkPad (also has integrated Intel wireless). We play LAN games regularly, so I'm concerned I contracted a virus that I spread to their systems. However, wouldn't the virus be deleted in the reformat? I've never come across anything like this before, you guys have any ideas?

Thanks much.

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